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My biggest regret

There are many things in life I regret, I can’t even decide which on is the biggest. For example, hurting so many people by being who I am, and not changing. Or being as hypocritical as I am in regard to my political stance, I am for example very leftist, but am not really engaged in any leftist organizations. I want to be respected for who I am but am not as tolerant as I would like to think I am. It also seems like my personality is rather repulsive, I think, as soon as people get to know me better, I regret not working on it sooner. I regret pushing away so many people, so many friends, by being rather negative too. I regret not having told my mother about my self-harm and illness sooner, so I could have gotten help for my depression sooner, and maybe even managed school.  I kind of regret spending so much money on video games I never played and books I have never read. I regret not coming out as transgender sooner and not starting hormones sooner. I guess my biggest regret though is to not be born in the right body.


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